BabyBear- Newborn Swaddle & Blanket

We are pleased to present you our newest product, BabyBear- Newborn Swaddle & Blanket. ♥

Keep your Newborn Baby Warm.

Thanks to the special design, you can easily wrap your newborn baby. You can comfortably fit your baby’s feet due to a separate leg part, but you can’t “kick” our BabyBear bandage on yourself.

Our Unisex colors can easily match a stroller, a baby room million, and of course to you.

It is a great accessory for sleeping, car seat, in a music baskeand stroller too . as our soft winged blanket with a velcro closes both wings softly around, and its hooded design protects the baby from various external influences.

When designing our product, we definitely kept in mind that in addition to its practicality. We can conjure up an incredibly sweet Little Teddy Bear design for you.

And of course it can be a perfect gift for the latest Family member. Joy and happiness will be guaranteed.

BabyBear- Newborn Swaddle & Blanket make Everyday more colorful.

This beauty is available in 4 different colors in our webshop. The beautiful Baby Brown, girly Baby Pink, amazing Baby Gray, and classy Baby White. We have dreamed our color palette so,  that both Little Girl and Little Boy can comfortably find the perfect piece easy.

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