For Stokke Types

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If you want to renew your Pram, check out our hoods and accessories for Stokke.

Freshen up your Stokke stroller with these great value custom-made colour hood. Let’s Choose from a wide variety of chic designs, whether you’re looking to replace your old, worn-out fabric or just bored of your existing style.”

Sophietex fabrics on the stroller at the same time are made of water- and UV-dense material. Hood is enlarged, with an visor or faux fur trim that can be replaceable with a zipper if necessary.

We dreamed of the colors and patterns of our hood so that both Little Girls and Little Boys could easily find the perfect choice. In addition, we considered it important that all our products could be easily combined with our other products.

Why Buy Style Kit and Accessories for Stokke pram ?

Original seat fabric has become worn out or damaged – then give a brand new look to your stroller.

You’re bored of your existing colour and are looking for something new – fresh and exciting to liven up your stroller.

Thinking of selling your used Stokke stroller? – If you change the style, a brand new fabric set can help increase its value too.

Going on holiday ? – Moreover don’t let your original seat fabric get destroyed.

Special accessories – on our website you will find the same colors or other patterns: footmuff, handmuff, bags etc.


Make your perfect stroller set, and also choose the most beautiful from your favorite color and pattern!

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