Style Kit

Style Kit

Do you have a Stokke Trailz 1,2- Xplory V3, V4,V5, V6 & Crusi stroller and want to change its look?

We have made for you with amazing colors and patterns. Let us help revive your stroller! 🙂

We dreamed of our Basic collection so that it can be used perfectly in all Seasons (Spring, Summer, Autumn, Winter).

All our Basic products have a built-in mesh fan. In warmer weather, an awning looks wonderful, but if it comes cold and you want to winterize a bit, we strongly recommend our extra soft, quality faux fur trim.

Maybe if you decide that you want to order the DREAM cover with an awning now, you can also assign the faux fur trim separately later, and of course this is the case.

We dreamed of our Colors and Patterns so that they could be easily combined with each other.

You can choose our product wit XXL Hood to.  XXL Dome can be opened bigger because of this the Baby is better protected from external influences eg Sun, Rain, wind. It also gives you more privacy during sleep thanks to the larger dome, which makes sleeping more relaxing for your child.

Create it for your perfect style kit, feel free to choose patterned accessories for your color cover.

The limit of your ideas is the Starry Sky! Create the perfect Stokke Xplory, Trailz and Crusi.

Make your perfect stroller set, and also choose the most beautiful from your favorite color and pattern!

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