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STRIPY multi-use cover



We are pleased to present to you the newest member of our Sophietex Family, our 5 in 1 multiuse cover. ♥

5 in 1: use one  Cover in five several ways? Also foldable to a very small size, doesn’t take up a lot of space? … And even fashionable? YESSS 🙂

Our goal is to make trendy and practical products for Parents and Little Ones. You and your baby deserve the best that our products to help you in Everyday Life. 5 in 1 multiuse cover is designed according to modern fashion trends and made of high quality materials. 

  • Thanks to its flexible material, it is also perfect for car seats, shopping carts, high chairs, prams, and breastfeeding!
  • Easily put on and take off, you can easily see your baby while breastfeeding or while in the car seat.
  • Breathable material ensures your baby can breathe while breastfeeding or traveling.
  • It’s easy to take with you anywhere, anytime! Perfect for use in all seasons and provides protection. It also provides super protection against Wind, Sun and Mosquitoes.
  • Anything that comes in contact with your Baby’s skin should be soft and baby-friendly. Also no disadvantage if it is easy to wash! You can be sure that the ways in which our cloth is used for cleaning are not a problem.
  • An incredible practical accessory, a great gift for New Parents. 🙂
  • Material: Rayon blend
  • Size: 34 * 66 * 70cm
  • Cleaning: Do not tumble dry at 30 ° C, machine or hand wash

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Because there are so many ways to use the Sophietex Multiuse 5 in 1 Cover you think we’ll highlight some in a little more detail. We will also give you a +1 tip 🙂


Thanks to its soft cotton material and design, it is ideal for breastfeeding, in the park, on the street or anywhere else when your baby needs the comfort of skin-to-skin contact. When the Baby gets hungry, thanks to the stretch material of our 5 in 1 multi-use-cover, it spreads comfortably for both mother and baby.

                                                                               True 360° coverage for extra comfort while nursing.

Looking for an easy way to encourage a nap while traveling longer? We have the solution! Use our Multi-use Cover. As you block out the harsh light and suppress the sound, the little one will snooze, completely forgetting about the outside world. This grate product gives peace to your baby and of course to you as you can easily access your child without disturbing his rest.

Very helpful thing during walking.

You can “know your baby” safely during trips or simple walks. Babies like the “closed” feeling what these item provides. It also leaves plenty of room for the car seat handle, allowing air to circulate and light to be seen. It also protects your baby from the cold and can make Everyday Life more comfortable even in the warmer months. It protects the little Baby from wind, rainand any external interactivity that can disturb the baby. Our items are designed to fit snugly in your baby’s car seat and keep your baby safe from external elements and bacteria. This is a healthy barrier between the small and the outside world. Although it may be socially disapproving that people feel, “Don’t touch my baby!” to someone who is just coughing or sneezing. Universal Cover send a socially acceptable message that you want to protect your Baby from outside influences and prying eyes. Babies have a delicate immune system; with our cover amazing cover you can do even more to protect you from unwanted diseases.

                                                                                       Super stretch soft baby-friendly material.

This amazing product is also very important from a hygienic point of view. While shopping, it is inevitable that the baby will grab the shopping cart and then possibly take his hand into his mouth. Our cover is a “barrier” between the baby’s little hands and the handles of the shopping cart and the side of the seat. The baby fits comfortably inside the middle and can be easily attached to the car – the cover stretches at the front and back of the front of the car, where the baby sits and enjoys shopping.

4  Extra Protect, Extra Calm.

This amazing product can be used for different styles of high chairs. It feels great to be able to keep your high chair and baby “clean” easily while eating. You can simply put the cover in the chair, then fold your scarf over the edges. It is also a perfect help from a hygienic point of view, as when a person goes on holiday, he also uses the high chair there in a restaurant. 

                                                                           Perfect choice for any high chair. Pl: Stokke Tripp Trapp

Many parents have found another imaginative use for Sophietex cover – perfect for a baby swing too! Simply spread practical cover on the side of the swing to create a blanket “nook” for your baby that you can use to protect your child from bacteria. Day by day, we get into situations where a scarf or blanket that protects Baby’s skin would come in handy. Especially if Big Brother loves Playgrounds, Playhouses are great if you can use games with Little.

                                                                                  It also fits super into swings on the playground.


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